Calorie Calculator: How to Calculate Your Daily Calorie

calorie calculator

When you want to lose fat, you will almost certainly need to count calories at some point. And you’ll probably want to calculate your daily calories for awhile until you make sure you’re losing

Twenty years ago, that was no easy feat for dieters, who had to buy or borrow a book of calorie counts, or rely on the incomplete food labels available at the time.

With the internet at our fingertips, though, we can find the caloric content of any food in seconds.

In particular, there are plenty of online calorie calculators available to help you in your fat-loss quest. Among them are the Calorie Calculator at, the Daily Caloric Needs calculator at, the American Cancer Society’s calorie calculator, and the Calorie King website.

How to Use Them

All of these calculators work pretty much the same way: you type in the name of the food you’re interested in, and the tool presents you with a series of search results.

From there you, can choose the form you’re interested in (for example, baby carrots or whole carrots), and sometimes even the brand name — Oikos versus Yoplait, for instance. Most of the tools allow you to choose your serving size, too, and then they present you with the nutrition information corresponding to your choices.

From there, it’s up to you to make sure that the food fits into your diet plan, or to make it fit.

For example, if you find that one brand of yogurt has too many grams of carbohydrates and not enough grams of protein to meet your goals, keep searching until you find a brand that DOES work for you.

Similarly, if you love cottage cheese, but including a cup of it blows your caloric intake for a meal, adjust the size until it does fit.

Over time, you’ll build up a good knowledge of the foods that you like and use most, and you won’t have to run to the calculator every time you want to include them in a meal.

Other Tools

Sometimes, you just want to browse through ALL of the food choices available, and then even the calculators are not quite what you want. In that case, you may want to look at one of the available catalog functions, like the one offered by

Whichever tools you choose, just remember to use them consistently to zero in on a set of foods that fit your lifestyle and goals, and don’t be afraid to make changes as long as your new choices also work for you.

Before long, you’ll be your own nutritional expert.

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