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  • CrossFit Program for Beginners: How to Get Started

    CrossFit Program for Beginners

    If heading into the gym three days a week to lift weights and maybe throwing in a couple of jogging sessions sounds just a tad more exciting than waiting in line to watch paint dry, then maybe you need to shake up your workout a bit. Maybe you’re ready to give CrossFit a try. CrossFit is a program designed […]

  • Build Wider Shoulders With These 4 HIT Tips

    Build Wider Shoulders

    Of all the muscle groups in your body, shoulders are the ones that can help you make a strong first physical impression in just about every setting. After all, nothing speaks to a powerful physique quite like barn-door wide shoulders capped with full, round deltoids. Whether you’re on the beach or in a suit, you need big shoulders to look […]

  • Build Ripped Abs with These 5 High Intensity Abs Workout Tips

    high intensity abs workout

    Hardcore lifters want to see their numbers training numbers climb and their muscles bulge from workout to workout, but not every guy who picks up a barbell wants to look like The Hulk. One goal that just about EVERYONE in the gym has, though, is building a set of strong, ripped abs. In their zest for tight abs, […]

  • 5 Best Biceps Exercises with Weights

    biceps exercises with weights

    If there is one goal that just about all lifters have in common, it’s building big biceps. After all, biceps are THE “show” muscle for most of us, and we happily flex our bis whenever someone asks us to “make a muscle.” The ironic thing about focusing so much attention on biceps, though, is that […]

  • Can You Overwork Your Abs?

    So, can you overwork your abs

    Everyone wants to build six-pack abs, and for good reason: a solid, strong midsection is essential for lifting success and it looks great in or out of clothes. In our zest to build great abs, though, many of us are making a results-killing mistake that actually prevents us from reach our goal. So, can you overwork your abs? […]

  • 6 High-Intensity Back Training Tricks to Sculpt Your Back

    Back Training

    If there’s one body part that often gets overlooked even by muscle-hungry bodybuilders, it’s the back muscles. It makes sense if you think about it … you can’t see your back in the mirror (for the most part), back training is hard work, and no one ever asks, “How much can you barbell row?” Even though it’s easy to make back […]

  • 5 Ways to Grow Calves Into Cows with High-Intensity Training

    Grow Calves

    For many trainers, the one muscle group that just won’t respond to training no matter what they try are their calves. It’s true that lots of guys have high calf muscles, which makes it hard to grow calves to a huge size, but part of the problem lies in the very nature of the muscle. We use our calves every time […]

  • 5 Reasons You Should Be Taking Creatine Right Now

    Taking Creatine

    Even after twenty years on the market, creatine is still one of the most researched supplements in the business and has become an important part of any serious muscle-building program. The amazing thing is that, in study after study, scientists continue to find NEW benefits of creatine supplementation, and it can be confusing to keep […]

  • 5 Ways Old-School HIT Training Can Help You Build a Massive Physique

    HIT training

    Open up any muscle magazine and you will be bombarded with all kinds of methods and bodypart routines to blitz and bomb your muscles from every conceivable angle. The chase of the pump and “shiny objects” can be enticing, but real results over a long period of time come from consistency in applying a few basic principles. […]

  • 4 Ways HIT Can Build Lifelong Fitness

    Lifelong Fitness

    High-intensity training (HIT) usually piques lifters’ interest when we’re young and intent on making fast muscle gains. The thought of training longevity may not occur to us when we’re in our prime, but weight training can foster lifelong fitness if you respect it and go about it with care. What’s more, you CAN adapt most training programs to […]