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  • 5 Ways High Intensity Weight Training Is Better than Other Routines

    High Intensity Weight Training

    High-intensity training, or HIT, is a system of brief, brutal workouts that focus on training a limited number of exercises as hard as possible for maximum results. If you’ve been around the iron game very long, you know that HIT is also one of the most polarizing workout strategies. Lifters can argue for hours about the merits or DEmerits of […]

  • 5 Advanced Arm-Training Techniques to Build Your Guns

    arm training

    Lifting weights in general and building arms in particular is pretty simple conceptually — lift hard, eat well, get plenty of rest and sleep, add weight to the bar next time out. Follow this process again and again, and over time you will build a nice physique and pretty big arms. Sometimes, though, you want to […]

  • 4 Reasons Why Every Lifter Needs Big Arms

    big arms

    One of the physique goals that’s common among almost ALL lifters is building big, strong arms. But creating an awesome set of guns goes beyond mere vanity — it’s vitally important for any serious physique athlete. Here are 4 reasons why every lifter NEEDS big arms. (This post contains affiliate links to Amazon listings for the products […]

  • 3 Tips to Burning More Calories While Exercising

    burning more calories

    Burning more calories than you take in should be your primary goal when you’re trying to lose fat, and that usually means a combination of diet and exercise. Weight training, aerobics, and even yoga can help you in this endeavor, but you can make some small tweaks to help you maximize your calorie output. Here are three tips […]

  • 3 Reasons You NEED Strong Abs to Build Your Best Body

    strong abs

    Just about every bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast wants to build a ripped six-pack set of abs because it looks so darn good as the centerpiece of a muscular body. But beyond pure vanity, having a strong midsection is absolutely critical to maintaining proper health and creating  your best possible physique. Here are three reasons you NEED strong abs to build […]

  • 10 High Intensity Training Tricks to Build Bigger Muscles

    high intensity training tricks

    High intensity training has a reputation for being cut-and-dried, with little room for variation. With some imagination, though, you can spice up HIT and boost muscle growth in the process. Here are 10 high intensity training tricks to build bigger muscles and get your mind thinking about other innovations. Maintain Order For the most part, you should […]

  • What Are the 5 Best Pieces of HIT Equipment?

    HIT equipment

    For a serious lifter interested in high-intensity training, or HIT, nothing in the world beats the convenience and peace of mind of having your own home gym.  You can exercise when it suits your schedule, and you will NEVER have to stand in line for a piece of workout HIT equipment again, making it easy to keep […]

  • Working Out Too Hard? The Dangers of HIT

    working out too hard

    Is it possible that high-intensity training will have you working out too hard? Hardcore lifters love to talk about how intense their workouts are, because they know toughness in the gym will lead to a better, stronger body outside the gym. Proponents of high-intensity training (HIT) are especially plugged into the idea of near-death workouts because the entire protocol […]