Eating Out, I Can Do It!

Once upon a time, in a small town called Harmony, lived a woman named Jane. Jane was just like any of us - a normal woman with a job, family, friends, and a social life that often revolved around food. She enjoyed going out to eat, trying new cuisines, and having a good time with her loved ones.

Jane was also on a fitness journey. She had set herself some fitness goals and was determined to achieve them. She ate healthy, worked out regularly, and took care of her wellbeing. But there was one thing that often tripped her up - eating out. The temptations of delicious food, the social pressure to eat more, and the difficulty of estimating calories often made her deviate from her fitness goals. It was a struggle she faced every time she had a meal outside her home.

One day, Jane decided she had had enough. She was not going to let eating out interfere with her fitness journey anymore. She decided to take control and find a way to balance her social life with her fitness goals. Jane started researching, trying out different strategies, and learning from her mistakes. Over time, she managed to find a system that worked for her. Here are the strategies that Jane used, and that can help you too if you also struggle with eating out while trying to stay fit.

Plan Ahead

Before heading out for a meal, Jane would take some time to look at the menu of the restaurant. She would identify a few healthy options that she could order. This helped her avoid making impulsive decisions when she was hungry and surrounded by tempting food.

Choose Wisely

Jane learned to make smart choices when ordering food. She would opt for grilled over fried, whole grain over white, and she would always include some vegetables in her meal. She also learned to pay attention to portion sizes and avoid overeating.

Enjoy in Moderation

Jane didn't completely deny herself the joy of trying new foods or indulging in her favorites. She allowed herself to enjoy, but in moderation. If she wanted to try a dessert, she would share it with someone else. If she wanted to order a high-calorie dish, she would make sure the rest of her meals that day were lighter.

Stay Active

Jane found that staying active helped her maintain her fitness goals even when she ate out. She would walk to the restaurant if it was close by, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or plan a workout for the next day.

Be kind to yourself

Lastly, Jane learned to be kind to herself. She understood that it's okay to have a cheat meal once in a while and that one meal won't ruin her fitness journey. She learned to enjoy her meals without guilt and get back on track right after.

Just like Jane, you can also enjoy eating out without compromising your fitness goals. It's all about balance, making smart choices, and being kind to yourself. Remember, fitness is a journey, not a destination. So, enjoy the journey and don't let the fear of eating out stop you from having a good time.